How the cloud can accelerate software vendors’ business

As cloud adoption increases, so do opportunities for software providers

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The connected garden

In the first in a new series, we explore how smart technology can help gardeners

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3 ways technology is aiding democracy in Africa

Technological innovation is helping to transform elections in African nations

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of Comoros voters were registered for eVoting within    a year

Find out why

How to make contactless payments secure

Making contactless payments secure

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the value of China's public cloud services market by 2019

Learn what's behind the figures

7 ways mobile payment is making fast food even faster

Fast-food chains around the world are targeting tech-savvy customers

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Infographic: Mobile payments and security

Digital payments are going mobile – so how are providers keeping customers’ data safe?

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Why the digital gender gap exists, and why it matters

The digital gender gap affects women’s life chances offline too

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Infographic: M2M seaport solutions in action

How smart technology is helping improve port efficiency in Brazil

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of cars will be internet-connected by 2020

Learn what's behind the figures

6 initiatives bringing the world's most remote islands online

New connections for citizens of island nations from Skye to Kiribati

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Projected growth in NFC mobile wallets between 2014 and 2016

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Infographic: 7 ways farming is getting smart

How M2M is increasing knowledge and improving crop outcomes

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3 everyday inventions Einstein made possible

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of his general theory of relativity

Read about the Einstein effect

“It’s time to create standards for web payments”

Our final interview extract: Jeff Jaffe on the intersection of web and mobile

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5 ways tech is taking on air pollution

How mobile and wearable technology is helping clean up our air

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How the sun is powering sub-Saharan Africa

A German company is bringing connectivity to remote African regions

Learn about Solarkiosk


of European workers would use wearables to increase productivity

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How will the Open Web Platform affect security?

The second part of our exclusive interview with Jeff Jaffe of W3C

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Is technology the answer to agricultural prosperity?

How smart, connected technology can boost yields and ease day-to-day tasks

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“We view ourselves as stewards of the web”

Part one of our exclusive interview with Jeff Jaffe, CEO of the World Wide Web Consortium

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Celebrating Grace Hopper

A pioneering computer scientist who has inspired generations of women in technology

Learn about Grace Hopper's life

Why it’s all about cybersecurity this October

The US and EU are raising awareness of the importance of data security

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America’s EMV deadline is here

Fraud liability has now shifted – but why is embracing EMV such a positive step for the US?

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M2M: a seaport’s best friend

Smart sensors are boosting safety and efficiency off the coast of Rio

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Almost 250m data breaches in first half of 2015

Our infographic shows it's when, not if, your organization will be hit

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Future fashion: where tech and textiles collide

Watches not your thing? Try these haute couture wearables

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Samsung Pay set to change mobile payments

How will its European launch affect the payments ecosystem?

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6 super wearables for sports

Could wearables be the solution to sports’ safety problems – and boost performance too?

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8 ways to build an eGovernment system that works

eServices work best when citizens are engaged, informed and enthusiastic

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9 reasons we still love SMS

Use of the humble text message is still rising – here's why

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2020 vision: will these tech predictions come true?

Our cut-out-and-keep guide to a few choice forecasts about future tech

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The smart technology that’s saving our bees

The world’s bee population is under threat. Now M2M is helping

Connected tech to the rescue

Digital Sweden then and now: banking

Our fourth article on how Sweden's digital landscape has developed since 2010

See how banking has changed

4 innovative ways to pay

Move over, cash: payment technology is getting creative

Learn about tomorrow's payments

4 reasons B2B should embrace mobile marketing

Everything's going mobile, marketing included...

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13 million

contactless cards in use in Wuhan, China

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Digital Sweden then and now: healthcare

How has eHealthcare in Sweden progressed in the past five years?

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Why Estonia’s eID was just the beginning

The beginnings of Estonia's transformation to a world leader in eGovernment

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Infographic: How much A2P is too much?

Companies must get the balance right when A2P messaging

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6 things you need to know about mBanking

Mobile banking is gaining in popularity among young people, but how can banks keep their loyalty?

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Digital Sweden then and now: eGovernment

Take a look at the progress of eGovernment in Sweden

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The value of the mobile payment market by 2020

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Q&A: Li Ming of InHand Networks

The CEO of M2M provider InHand on the security challenges for the Internet of Things

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Special multimedia feature: eGov leader Estonia

An in-depth look at how Estonia built its digital infrastructure from scratch

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Infographic: SMS is alive and well

Is over-the-top messaging doing away with the humble SMS? Don't count it out just yet

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Video: The Tube's journey to contactless ticketing

It's the world's oldest metro system, but the London Underground's ticketing is on the cutting edge. Our animation traces its evolution

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eGov leader Uruguay embraces eID

No stranger to eGovernment, Latin America’s digital superstar will soon launch a national eID card

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of transit and event tickets will be bought by mobile handset by 2019

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7 ways cities are getting smarter

Most of us will live in urban areas in 2050, so how are we using big data now to create the cities of tomorrow?

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Video: The past and future of the M2M industry

In our final video, analyst Robin Duke-Woolley looks at how far M2M has come and where it's likely to go next 

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Sneak peek: Why Estonians can't get enough of eGovernment

Get a glimpse of our brilliant multimedia feature on Estonia's innovative eGovernment offering

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Digital Sweden then and now: mobile payment

The first of our series on how Sweden’s digital landscape has changed

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Ari Assuied’s grand ambitions

Digital newsstand app LeKiosk's new mobile payment offering is another string to its bow

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Video: The importance of security for M2M

Watch our second exclusive video interview with M2M analyst Robin-Duke Woolley

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Infographic: M2M in Australia

Better technology, security and regulation will transform Australia's M2M market

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of NFC phones will be used for contactless payments

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Why IBM is going back to basics in Kenya

IBM’s Innovation Center in Kenya is turning mobile app development on its head

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Bringing eID to Europe: laying the foundations

A single, secure digital identity for citizens is becoming a reality in Europe

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Bringing eID to Europe: a question of privacy

How will the European Union address the issues of privacy and data security?

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Infographic: BYOD around the world

We're glued to our mobile devices at home. Now they're coming with us to work, too

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Making the IoT user-friendly

As the Internet of Things grows, speedy and stable connectivity is crucial

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Video: The future of wearables 

Robin Duke-Woolley of Beecham Research on keeping people at the heart of connected tech

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1 billion data breaches in 2014

Ever wondered why and where data breaches happen? Check out this infographic

Delve into the data

1.3 billion

smartphones were sold in 2014

What does it all mean?

Why Bill and Melinda Gates are right about mobile banking

They say it will improve the lives of millions. Here's what we think

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Digital lives: Mark Weiser

The Xerox PARC leader was a visionary who foresaw today’s Internet of Things

Read about his life

Video: Meet Generation mBanking

Our mobile banking survey of young people – brought to life

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5 things we know about 5G

Such as: is it just like 4G, only faster? Short answer: no

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High fashion joins the tablet revolution

Victoria Beckham's London store is one of many to dump cash registers in favor of iPads

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Infographic: NFC takes off down under

Australia's second-largest supermarket introduced NFC payment in 2013. See what happened...

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Mobile payment: the view from Spain

Ignacio Bañón of Spanish bank BBVA gives us his payment predictions

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Video: Why Mobile ID is the future

Ditch your dozens of passwords for a simpler solution

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The percentage of Estonians who eVoted in the 2014 elections

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Farewell, username and password?

Marie Austenaa of the GSMA says mobile operators should take charge of authentication

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How wearables could help fight Parkinson’s

Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation announce research partnership

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Saving lives with a mobile phone

The most effective weapon against Ebola and other crises is knowledge

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5 reasons Japan is a tech leader

Examples of where it’s led the world – and where it hasn’t got it quite right

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31 billion
How many eCoupons we'll redeem in 2019

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How smart meters are giving power to consumers

M2M technology could save us money on gas, electricity and other utilities

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London Underground goes contactless

Contactless payment has come to the world's oldest metro system. Get the facts

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A day in the life of Octopus

UPDATED: Watch our award-winning video about Hong Kong's favorite contactless card

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Oman: the Middle East’s eGov pioneer

Oman's eGovernment program is transforming citizens' relationship with the state

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5 reasons the US is embracing EMV

Goodbye magstripe, hello chip and PIN... 

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6 cool wearables that aren’t watches

A bracelet/drone hybrid, pants for a one-man band and more

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How much the Internet of Things industry will be worth by 2020

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Will Apple Pay bring NFC into the mainstream?

It must convince a still-wary public of NFC's virtues

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5 ways to boost your digital B2B marketing

Marketing guru Anne Godfrey on creating successful digital marketing campaigns

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mHealth wearables are big – but are they secure?

How will Apple Watch and other devices keep our personal data safe?

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Dave Coplin: “The power of data is transformative”

Part two of our exclusive interview with Microsoft UK's Chief Envisioning Officer

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Infographic: The threat from within

Why it’s not just hackers who can jeopardize your company’s IT security

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Is Brazil ready for Mobile Wallet?

How payment-enabled smartphones are changing the face of Brazilian retail

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Celebrating Ada Lovelace: the first computer programmer

October 14 is Ada Lovelace Day, founded to recognise women in STEM

Learn about her life

The EU gets on the coding bandwagon

The European Union's Code Week aims to boost digital literacy 

Learn about the initiative


The annual value of Kenyans mobile money transfers

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Five ways to improve your corporate security

Our tips on how to protect your networks and servers from a cyber attack

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Dave Coplin: “Technology is for everybody”

Microsoft's Chief Envisioning Officer on the importance of digital education

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