Infographic: NFC takes off down under

Australia's second-largest supermarket introduced NFC payment in 2013. See what happened...

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Mobile payment: the view from Spain

Ignacio Bañón of Spanish bank BBVA gives us his payment predictions

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Video: Why Mobile ID is the future

Ditch your dozens of passwords for a simpler solution

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The percentage of Estonians who eVoted in the 2014 elections

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Farewell, username and password?

Marie Austenaa of the GSMA says mobile operators should take charge of authentication

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How wearables could help fight Parkinson’s

Intel and the Michael J. Fox Foundation announce research partnership

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Saving lives with a mobile phone

The most effective weapon against Ebola and other crises is knowledge

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5 reasons Japan is a tech leader

Examples of where it’s led the world – and where it hasn’t got it quite right

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31 billion
How many eCoupons we'll redeem in 2019

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How smart meters are giving power to consumers

M2M technology could save us money on gas, electricity and other utilities

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London Underground goes contactless

Contactless payment has come to the world's oldest metro system. Get the facts

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A day in the life of Octopus

UPDATED: Watch our award-winning video about Hong Kong's favorite contactless card

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Oman: the Middle East’s eGov pioneer

Oman's eGovernment program is transforming citizens' relationship with the state

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5 reasons the US is embracing EMV

Goodbye magstripe, hello chip and PIN... 

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6 cool wearables that aren’t watches

A bracelet/drone hybrid, pants for a one-man band and more

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How much the Internet of Things industry will be worth by 2020

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Will Apple Pay bring NFC into the mainstream?

It must convince a still-wary public of NFC's virtues

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5 ways to boost your digital B2B marketing

Marketing guru Anne Godfrey on creating successful digital marketing campaigns

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mHealth wearables are big – but are they secure?

How will Apple Watch and other devices keep our personal data safe?

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Dave Coplin: “The power of data is transformative”

Part two of our exclusive interview with Microsoft UK's Chief Envisioning Officer

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Infographic: The threat from within

Why it’s not just hackers who can jeopardize your company’s IT security

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Is Brazil ready for Mobile Wallet?

How payment-enabled smartphones are changing the face of Brazilian retail

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Celebrating Ada Lovelace: the first computer programmer

October 14 is Ada Lovelace Day, founded to recognise women in STEM

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The EU gets on the coding bandwagon

The European Union's Code Week aims to boost digital literacy 

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The amount that Kenyans transfer every day using their mobiles

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Five ways to improve your corporate security

Our tips on how to protect your networks and servers from a cyber attack

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Dave Coplin: “Technology is for everybody”

Microsoft's Chief Envisioning Officer on the importance of digital education

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Mongolia’s ambitious eGovernment strategy

The central Asian country aims to become a global eGov leader by 2016

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Five things we’ve learned about eCommerce in the US

How eCommerce is changing shopping habits in the US

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Is this the future of 3D printing?

New technology is merging 3D printing with the internet of things

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Five innovative peer-to-peer apps

How the sharing economy is disrupting traditional commerce

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How to drive smarter with motor telematics

Intelligent automotive technology could lower your insurance premiums and keep you safe

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Australia’s mobile payment journey

The country is using NFC payment for everything from shopping to travel

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The amount China's connected-car market could be worth by 2020

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Interview: Bob Metcalfe, co-inventor of Ethernet…

… on web security, the internet of things and corporate innovation

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How companies are boosting data security

Check out our infographic of major data breaches of the past decade and learn how companies are adapting

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Behind the scenes at a makerspace

Armed with cheap yet powerful tools, DIY tech enthusiasts – or "makers" – are changing everything

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Digital Cup: and the winner is...

Will South Korea or the Netherlands claim our global technology crown?

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How mobile ID conquered Iceland

Iceland's citizens can now use their phones to perform online transactions safely and securely

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Digital Cup: the semifinals

Smart technology is the measuring stick in this penultimate round 

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Eight places that are getting smart

Smart cities are springing up everywhere. Here are eight shining examples

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Facebook’s mission to connect 4.5bn people

Two-thirds of the world’s population has no internet access. Can Facebook and Google solve this problem?

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Bringing financial services to the unbanked

Watch our video about how mobile technology is helping Africans manage their money

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Digital Cup: the quarterfinals

Our tournament has reached the quarterfinals, where we’ll be judging the competitors on eGovernment

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The cyber-bikes available to everyone

Residents of Rio de Janeiro have embraced pay-per-use bikes fueled by mobile technology

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Why you can’t afford to ignore the cloud

Our infographic shows the cloud’s potential – and why you shouldn’t need to worry about security

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Digital Cup – the final 16, part 2

Who will compete with the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Japan in the quarterfinals?

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contactless transactions are made in the UK every minute

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Six creative uses of NFC

From fake nails to guitar picks, check out the innovative ways these companies have used NFC

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The huge growth of India’s mobile market

Mobile commerce companies are taking advantage of India's boom in smartphone users

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Digital Cup – the final 16, part 1

The serious competition has begun. Gemalto's Digital Cup enters the knockout stages

We reveal the winners and losers

Back to the future: Ian Pearson

Which of Ian Pearson's predictions from five years ago have come true? 

See what he got right

Driving safer in the USA

The US government has taken the first steps toward enshrining V2V technology in law

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Why mobile banking security can’t be an add-on

Security consultant Robert Miller on the right way to build a secure product

Hear what he has to say

of in-store debit payments in Australia in 2013 were contactless

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How to make mobile banking easy and secure

Robert Hartner, Director of IT Security at Italy’s Raiffeisen Bank

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Digital Cup – group stage, part 4

The Digital Cup’s group stage comes to a close. Who will go through to the second round?

Meet the contenders

Securing Ghana's borders

eImmigration is helping this “lion of Africa” to meet its goal of becoming a developed country by 2029

See how they're doing it

Video: The impact of mobile commerce

From taxis to tickets, mobile commerce is everywhere. See how we've brought the numbers to life

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of Colombians use the internet

What does the future hold?

A digital revolution in food aid

An innovative approach to the distribution of food aid is putting power into the hands of refugees

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Digital Cup – group stage, part 3

Our search for the world's leading digital country continues as we look at groups E and F

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Healthcare on the move

From apps to data programs, hospitals are turning to technology to improve the care they give patients

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Why coding is for kids

The IT job market is growing by leaps and bounds – so children's computer skills need to, too

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In mobile we trust – but do your customers?

Every business needs to have a mobile strategy, but firms have to make sure the technology is trusted

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Digital Cup – group stage, part 2

The second part of /review’s Digital Cup group stage continues our search for a global technology champ

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Q&A: Clive Thompson

The author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better picks some of his most (and least) loved tech

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Digital Cup – group stage, part 1

/review attempts to find out which country would lift the Digital Cup for technology

The Digital Cup kicks off

The personal shopper

In the second part of our interview with Michael Nuciforo, we see what the next generation of targeted consumer offers might look like

Get a glimpse of the future

Saving time with contactless

Ian Cranna says Starbucks makes new technology appeal to customers by emphasizing its ability to shorten lines

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A world that learns

IBM's '5 in 5' set of predictions points to a world where our surroundings react to what we do and the data we provide

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A brighter future

In the first section of a two-part interview, Michael Nuciforo explains how mobile is going to reinvigorate physical stores

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Five in a row

The Review was a winner again at the International Content Marketing Awards in London

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Making all phones social

Mobile Facebook is coming to Morocco – no smartphone necessary

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of young people in Canada use mobile banking

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The importance of education

Payments expert Dave Birch looks at how to get users adopting new habits in areas like contactless

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The social side of B2B

Allan Schoenberg explains how social media has changed the way B2B companies can build their brand

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Giving sports a new challenge

A new wave of wearable gadgets looks set to enhance your exercise

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LTE - transforming the mobile world

Kester Mann, Principal Analyst at CCS Insight, explains how 4G adoption will lead to big savings for businesses

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Making health smarter in South Africa

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are helping save lives in the country

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Keeping up with what's cool

M2M technology has the potential to cut down on waste in the cold supply chain sector

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The year of mobile

Mobile broadband is booming, but more could be done to bring its benefits to developing nations

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NFC: beyond mobile payments

Think NFC is just about quickly paying for lunch on the move? Think again

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Changing the record - for good

Electronic patient identification is helping hospitals reduce costs and improve care

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On the cusp of an
m-commerce world

Mobile phones are now responsible for a quarter of online purchases – a figure that will grow and grow

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Safe and speedy

Norway is the latest country to implement a digital border control system

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Moving India into the digital age

Sanjay Vijayakumar is on a Mobile ID mission to change the way the country banks and shops

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Five days, one technology

Gemalto's bloggers hit the stores of Salt Lake City and Austin in the US Contactless Challenge

Find out how they got on

The age of consent

Gemalto has produced a set of mobile-marketing best practices

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NFC mobile payments come to Taiwan

Chungwa Telecom is launching a major NFC mobile payments trial in the high-tech South-East Asian nation

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Helping the future run smoothly

Java is at the center of the technology that helps machines communicate with each other

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Cities old and new get smart

Smart cities such as Songdo International Business district are transforming the lives of their citizens

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Meet the pill-sized PC

A tiny computer has the potential to transform the internet of things

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The data to rebuild families

Refugees United helps displaced people find their family members using an online database

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Portable payment

Eight major UK banks have joined forces to launch a mobile-payment program

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Moldova gets Mobile ID

A small country with big ideas, Moldova is launching an innovative mobile-based eGovernment program

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Public transport in Moscow is set to increase by

Find out why

The electronic shopping list

M2M expert William Webb on how we might do our shopping in 20 years’ time

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Shopping with a smartphone

Journalist Kevin Kelly looks at how technology will change the way we do our weekly grocery shopping

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