Meet the pill-sized PC

A two-millimeter-square computer, featuring memory, a processor and RAM, has the potential to transform the internet of things

A computer small enough to swallow, with memory, a processor and RAM, is the most recent development toward realizing the potential of the internet of things.

The two-millimeter-square KL02 chip, made by US company Freescale, is now on sale as the organization continues research and design to create more tiny computers that also include sensors and wireless data connections.

“The internet of things is ultimately about services, like your thermostat connecting to the internet and knowing when you’re coming home,” says Kaivan Karimi, Director of Global Strategy for microcontrollers at Freescale. “But the technology [those] services are based on is embedded processing and sensors.”

The idea for creating the product came from a customer request for a chip that was small enough to be easily swallowed.

First published on July 09, 2013
Last edited on October 25, 2013
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